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Manila BJD Meet

Manila BJD Meet

Recently I had the opportunity to attend my very 1st overseas doll meet and boy was it an experience…

Manila, Philippines

 I got the invitation from a friend to attend a dollmeet in Manila, of all places. It was just going to be the 2 of us from Singapore, meeting up with the doll owners there locally. Now I don’t really know anyone there but I figured, when else would I get the chance to go overseas for a doll meet!

OTW Land ho!! Touchdown, Manila

So we took the morning flight out and once we landed, we met up with 2 of the local doll owners there who were kind enough to pick us up from the airport.

st order of business, off to find food!!

After all the basic stuff like checking in and all was done, we met up again with the rest of the owners.


The next day was so called a free-and-easy day, so we decided to head to an area known for the shopping, called “Green hills”.

After some window shopping, we headed back to the hotel. We went out to get some food that night as we were starving, but since there were no fast food outlet and not to mention the hotel area was like really “ghetto”… So just a quick stop at the mini-mart will do.

The next day we tried to head to “old Manila” for a little sight-seeing. Unfortunately, without a proper guide and physical map, we got lost real quick. Worst was no roaming and definitely no data roaming. So we made our escape to the nearest shopping mall to leech the free wifi and also to get away from the heat.

Later that night, we met for the last time with a few of the owners for dinner, of course not forgetting our resins.



Finally back home…


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