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Dollfete 2014

Dollfete 2014

Dollfete – This has been long overdue and I guess I’ve finally found some time to actually post this up. So.. let’s begin.

Dollfete is an annual even held in Thailand since 2011. I’ve had the chance to attend this year’s which was held on the 30th March 2014 at the Grand Ballroom at Hotel Sukhumvit 31 S31. If you would like to know more or plan for the event the following year, you can follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook.

The following is sort of my attempt at documenting my trip there.

For this trip I decided to try out the new Fujifilm X-T1 after hearing rave reviews about it. But sadly on the day itself while rushing out to get to the airport, I left it at home by accident. So all the pictures here were taken using my phone. =(
IMG_20140329_082351 IMG_20140329_083225
A beautiful morning to start the day, and for the flight to Thailand.
IMG_20140329_083701 IMG_20140329_092243
I’m always super excited about travelling overseas!
IMG_20140329_111447 IMG_20140329_111127
Touchdown at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand!
First order of business upon checking in…

Now for the main event…

Finally it’s time to head back..

IMG_20140330_181620 IMG_20140330_182955
Our flight back got delayed…  further than in the picture. The flight only took off after 12am.


This trip was full of setbacks and mishaps but all in all, I felt like it was a great experience. It was the 1st time for me travelling overseas for a doll event/convention. Really felt my friends and I got closer through the trip. If you’re into BJD or Dollfies or DD, we have an event this November in Singapore. So if you’re in the country or if you plan on going for a doll event/convention too like I did, come on down! Here is the link.


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